How to Make YourSmartphone a Hitachi Air Conditioner Remote Control? 

Is your Hitachi air conditioner remote control not working, but it's hot, and you have guests at your home? Fortunately, the temporary alternate way to use an air conditioner is to start using the device you already have in your hand! You can control your air conditioner, entertainment system, TV, set-top box, smart appliances, home automation system, and even your Land Rover with your smartphone or tablet.

An Android device with an infrared (IR) blaster can get many of the same functions if it's urgent and you don't want to go outside to buy a remote. All you need to get started is an app that will allow you to send IR commands to your electronic device and some knowledge.

A remote that you can touch and swipe:

There are multiple Hitachi ac remote control apps available on the Play Store. So, if your remote control is not working and it is an emergency to use Hitachi AC at your home or office, you can use a remote control app on your android mobile. The app will allow you to remotely control the air conditioners from other locations at their home or office. Some apps are also compatible with iOS smartphones and connect to the AC via one of two methods: Direct Mode (Access Point) or Wi-Fi Router (Internet). The app allows the user to set different timers to control temperature and power consumption, clean the filters, and notify the user to contact a service person if a software or hardware sensor fails.

Hope you find this piece helpful, and now you know that you can control your air conditioner even if your remote is not in a working condition. Using your mobile as a remote control is the best alternative to using the air conditioner. It is best in the time of emergency. In contrast, you can't use your mobile phone as a Hitachi air conditioner remote control permanently. So if you want to buy a Hitachi AC remote, visit Remote OZ. They have the best quality remote, and they also have a Fujitsu air conditioner remote. Buy Now!

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